1. Ozzy47

    4 Useful Ways to Benefit From Therapy

    Many people can benefit from talking and getting things out in the open. If life experiences are starting to have a negative impact, a therapy session can make it easier to look at life and your problems in a different way. Let's take a look of four reasons why therapy can improve your life...
  2. Cazcat

    Trigger Warning Getting over my problems and the reason I am here.

    Never too sure how to go with this as my particular trouble doesn't happen too often or shouldn't happen too much if at all in the UK. In Australia though it happens a lot and usually by a stupid accident, more so that the federal government decided to act, but too late for me. However, I'm...
  3. stluee


    Does anyone have a problem overeating? Eating wether your hungry or not? Drinking to much coffee, just because? How did you get yourself set free from it. I think overeating on my part is mental. I know it can be physical. I wasn't overweight until my middle 40's. A little chunky in middle...
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