1. Ozzy47

    Mental Illnesses and Stealth Adapted Viruses

    Stealth adapted virus infections of the brain can explain the growing violence occurring within the country. These viruses are not effectively recognized by the cellular immune system and, therefore, fail to evoke an inflammatory response. Public health officials have been reluctant to...
  2. Catsmother

    Personality Test

    Mind This trait determines how we interact with our environment. 11% 89% EXTRAVERTED INTROVERTED Energy This trait shows where we direct our mental energy. 26% 74% INTUITIVE OBSERVANT Nature This trait determines how we make decisions and cope with emotions. 46% 54% THINKING FEELING Tactics...
  3. Lee

    Severe lack of motivation....

    Dont have the focus to do anything. All motivation gone. I'm just exhausted. Absolutely sick of feeling ... empty. I dont even have the energy to shower. Sigh.
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