1. Ozzy47

    Addiction, Eating Disorder Are Two Sides of the Same Coin: Studies

    It may be difficult to believe, but studies have suggested a relation between eating disorder and addiction to any substance. While eating disorder is a condition related to eating pattern that negatively affects health, addiction is a mental illness that makes people a compulsive user of drugs...
  2. Ozzy47

    Taking It to the Limit: Eating Disorders and the Scourge of Perfectionism

    By Amanda Robins I think perfectionism is a disease, creeping up on us and spreading into all areas of our lives, colouring and tainting our existence with its demands and judgements. Our professional lives of course, but also our hobbies, our friendships, our intimate relationships and our...
  3. Catsmother

    Think My Daughter Has An Eating Disorder

    My daughter is 27 years old and I am pretty sure she has an ED. She is very thin and her eating is awful, She only eats one meal a day and then it's only a bagel. she looks at the calories on everything. I took her to the doctor last year but she got very emotional whilst there, GP referred...
  4. A


    I'm really not sleeping well because of my anxiety which is effecting my eating habits over 13 stone now I hate it but nothing is motivating me I've been poorly with water infections and now I have another one I'm sure of it I have a scan this week which I'm very nervous about to see what's going on
  5. Catsmother

    Types Of Eating Disorders

    This article is very useful and explains what you need to know about eating disorders.
  6. oak

    Eating Disorders

    12 Types of Eating Disorders [Updated List] | Breathe Life Healing Centers
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