1. Ozzy47

    Panic Disorder - What Is It And What Are the Solutions?

    What is panic disorder? Men and women with panic attack disorder have unexpected and also repetitive strikes of anxiety that last for a number of mins. Occasionally signs may continue longer.These are termed panic attacks. Panic attacks are identified by a worry of disaster or of completely...
  2. Ozzy47

    Anxiety Attack Causes, Symptoms, and How to Treat It

    Causes of Anxiety Attacks Most anxiety attacks originate from past traumatic experiences. This could either be through a near death experience or past history of abuse. When one goes through a life-threatening event, the body goes in to a fight or flight mode. This means you either face the...
  3. Catsmother

    Help Guide For Anxiety and Anxiety Attacks

    Have a read of this if you have anxiety and attacks.
  4. Catsmother

    Do You Or Have You Ever Had Anxiety?

    I do and it gets to a point that at times I have panic attacks.
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