1. willowtigger

    Trigger Warning stole

    could anyone steal Tigger and Willow and do experiments on them? :( put them in pet jail then do experiments?
  2. willowtigger

    Secret codes

    Do I do secret codes without knowing it? Is it a secret code to use my pets names to mean my girlies? instead of using my girlies names to be secret codes for people?
  3. Gooner_87

    I feel like an idot and insignificant

    I hope this doesn't offend anyone if it does i apologies in advance, but I am feeling extremely low at the moment a good friend of mine suggested the games on here I've had a look however I suffer with dyslexia and the number one which I can never remember what its called. I look at the games...
  4. Catsmother

    Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) - Help Guide

    If you have BPD or want to understand more about BPD then this guide is very helpful.
  5. Naiwen

    Is anyone psychotic?

    I’ve just calmed down today after calling a crisis hotline and doing some therapy exercises, guided meditation, breathing exercises and yoga. So, the slightest question from anyone else, I’d take it as “bossing me around”. Because I’m also paranoid and have BPD, I always take it as a personal...
  6. Naiwen

    Hypnosis Therapy, anyone has tried it yet in Life?

    Has anyone tried hypnosis therapy yet in life? I have and my T is always making me fall asleep during sessions and doing therapy during my sleep myself. I love it so far personally.
  7. Naiwen

    Mental Exhaustion and chronic Fatigue, anyone has them personally?

    Anyone also suffering from those personally? I have them as well daily as well OCD, ADHD, bipolar type 1 and stress and anxiety. I’m just chronically exhausted mentally and and physically daily from my MH issues and my insomnia daily too. I’m loosing a few hours sleep daily at night. Whilst...
  8. Naiwen

    Is Anyone Bipolar?

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