Therapist/Psychiatrist is Retiring!


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My therapist who is also my psychiatrist is retiring on September 15th 2022. I wish him good luck in his retirement and to enjoy it fully and wholly, but I'll miss him. And I'm on the waiting list for a new one as he has cancelled all my appointments with him so yeah. I dunno who my next one will, female or male, know nothing about him/her. I'm a bit stressed out and anxious about it TBH. What about you? Do you have a therapist/psychiatrist/dr retiring?


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I suppose all you can do is give the new therapist a chance. If you think about it, at one point you would have been in the same position with your current therapist (i.e. they were new to you at the beginning), so I guess that giving a new therapist as go is probably all you can really do.
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