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Hi all!

PGen again with another hopefully helpful guide, this time on how to post a recipe to our brand new Recipe Book!

Fortunately this is a very simple tool to use, so this guide isn't going to be too difficult to follow. Let's get started, shall we?

Note -- Recipe Book can be found here:

Step One: Navigate to the Recipe Book!

Step one is pretty straight forward, simply navigate your way to the Recipe Book section of the site, as shown in the screenshot below. Once there you will be greeted with many pictures of submitted recipes!

Step Two: Click to Add a New Recipe and Select a Category!
Now that you're in the recipe book select the button at the top to add a new recipe to the Recipe Book!

This will open a pop-up menu for you to select what category you are going to submit your recipe to.


Step Three: Fill in the Details Of Your Recipe!

Now that you've selected a category you will be greeted with a form where you can submit all of the various facts about your recipe!


Important: There will be a box on this form where you can upload an attachment. You are free to upload as many pictures of this recipe as possible, but you must upload at least 1 image. Feel free to search Google or another search engine for images of your dish, save those and upload them here!


Step Four: Submit and You're All Done!

Submit the form once you're all done and behold! Your recipe is published!


See, it's even on the front page now!


Now go for it, let's see what recipes you've got tucked away! :)
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