Personal Story Hard-Headed Texan finally learned to listen.


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I have to watch the blood sugar though. Carbs are a big no-no.

Awesome recipes though. You should post a ton of yours in our kitchen section!

Thanks, I would amigo but I'm already active on another forum where I post my stuff so I dont have time to double my efforts


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I didn't read all of this thread but all I can say, I'm good on the diabetes issue and it's epidemic. Last visit to doc and labs done, glucose was coming in higher, so we both agreed Berberine would be good to take to lower the glucose, so that is in my routine now....and have CUT OUT refined sugars and carbs big time ... My family missed diabetes and they and me were carb and sugar eaters for decades.... I guess genetics has a lot in this too. Also, I do labs non fasting so that could and probably does factor in. So I look at that too.

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Year-end accounting.

Weight: 213lbs.
Lbs lost: 65.
A1C: 5.7
Avg blood pressure last 30 tests: 120/75.

It's a complete turnaround and recovery with NO medications, NO doctor visits and NO fad dieting or rigid exercise regimen.

I still want to lose 18 more lbs. I will continue to report further progress and developments.

Happy New Year to all.
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