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I find it amusing how ignorant people can be by making assumptions about someone they don't know. To the neighbor across the street and 2 doors down.... You may not know this but your voice carries nicely in the still night air (on a few occasions). Tonight bringing in the laundry gave me a laugh. My feelings aren't hurt- I actually take it as a compliment. No, I'm not cute. And Yes my arms are probably bigger and more defined than your husband's (& a lot of other men), but for you to assume that I'm not a woman because I'm kinda strong, "fit", & God skipped me on the tiddietrain is like me assuming you're frumpy because you have nothing better to do than sit on your ass and talk shit about ppl you don't know. I can assure you I've delivered all 4 of my kids vaginally, and am definitely a woman. I'm "cut" because I'm the only one who's "got my back". There's no family, s/o, OR other parent helping. I've worked 6 days a week (w/ the exception of 2 weeks in a row company was closed on Saturday for holiday) since my hospital release 3 years ago doing what many consider to be "man's work", and You milady are welcome to ingest a satchel of Richards!
Fkn ppl kill me
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